How do our identities fluctuate as we move in and out of different rhetorical ecologies? I'm interested in transnational mobilities and the subsequent rendering of raced and gendered bodies, currently examining historical and contemporary rhetorical ecologies for Asian women in the United States.
Reach out at jinrebekahchoi at gmail dot com for my CV.
University of Maryland
· Design Cultures and Creativity Undergraduate Honors College | Instructor & Graduate Assistant, 2023 – present
· Dept. of Communication, Course: Oral Communication | Instructor, 2022 – 2023
Gordon College
· Dept. of Communication Arts | Teaching Assistant, 2017 – 2019 
COM 152 Media and Society 
COM 205 Perspectives in Communication 
COM 248 Interpersonal Communication 
COM 365 Media Criticism 
Invited UNIVERSITY Talks
"Asian Women Under the Gaze of White Sexual Imperialism" – 2023
Invited by Dr. Jennifer Cho for undergraduate seminar, Asian American Women and Gender
University of Maryland, Asian American Studies Program
community engagement  
Young Readers' Collective at Alive Mission Seoul – 2021
Led a critical reading + writing book club and discussion group for middle school students.
Texts: The New York Times, The Penguin Book of Modern Speeches
National Communication Association: Asian/Pacific American Caucus, Korean American Communication Association
Rhetoric Society of America, University of Maryland Chapter
University of Maryland, Dept. of Communication, Graduate Student Organization