I have experience presenting 4+ communication-related research projects for recognition at national and international conferences, such as the National Communication Association, Eastern Communication Association, Rhetoric Society of America, and the American Studies Association of Korea. My projects have largely touched upon my dissertation topic themes of race, gender, transnational identity, and citizenship/belonging. 
Below are a few examples of my scholarship. Email me at jinrebekahchoi at gmail.com for my full CV.
Parry-Giles, Trevor, Jin R. Choi, Taylor Hourigan, Carolyn Robbins, Matthew Salzano, Kalin Schultz, Shelby Sturm, and Divine Aboagye. 2022. “Mediating Race and Gender in Campaign 2020: The Cooking with Kamala Videos.” In Democracy Disrupted: Communication in the Volatile 2020 Presidential Election, edited by Benjamin R. Warner, Dianne G. Bystrom, Mitchell S. McKinney, and Mary C. Banwart, 21–37. ABC-CLIO. See PDF here.
Choi, Jin R. “Do I Belong in Ikseon-Dong?: Glocalized Cosmopolitan Spaces of Belonging.” In Diaspora Within Homeland: Displacement, Mobility, and Diversity in Korea, edited by Min Wha Han, Eun-Jeong Han, and JongHwa Lee. [forthcoming]
Choi, Jin R. “The Color of Creatorship: Intellectual Property, Race, and the Making of Americans.” New Genetics and Society, July 15, 2021, 1–3. https://doi.org/10.1080/14636778.2021.1951194
Choi, Jin R. “Race, Gender, Belonging: A Critical Look at the U.S. Student Visa Program.” Paper to be presented at the National Communication Association 108th Annual Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 2022. [forthcoming]
Choi, Jin R. “Asian Women Under the Gaze of U.S. White Sexual Imperialism: The San Francisco “Comfort Women” Memorial and the Atlanta Spa Shootings.” Paper presented at the 20th Biennial Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2022. 
Choi, Jin R. “Do I Belong in Ikseon-dong?: Glocalized Cosmopolitan Spaces of Belonging.” Top paper presented at the National Communication Association 107th Annual Convention, Seattle, Washington, November 2021. 
Choi, Rebekah (previous name). “Everlane and the Citizen-Consumer: Ethically Consuming Our Way to Social Change.” Paper presented at the National Communication Association 105th Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD, November 2019.

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