Gentle | Creative Content Director | 2018-2019
Purpose: To strengthen the startup's relationship with its customers and audience. To design the best way to communicate the startup's vision to its stakeholders.
Gentle was a social-impact paper goods startup in Boston that sought to build stronger connections with its customers through online content as well as in-person sales. 
Through informal conversations with in-person customers and content analysis of customers' online profiles, we found that our average customer was looking for thoughtfully-designed paper goods paired with equally thoughtful, meaningful online content. 
Over the course of around eighteen months, I implemented a social media content strategy that increased Instagram followers by 375% over 18 months, generating 3,000 engagements and increasing Instagram post impressions by 125%. I launched multiple mini-essay content series that maintained an average engagement rate of 10% per Instagram post, 7% above benchmark. 
Content series that performed well were also series most aligned with the startup's vision, encouraging gentleness and thoughtfulness as a lifestyle. Understanding the customer's needs proved to be helpful to growing the startup as a whole.

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